What is VPS Hosting?

Up until several years ago, the only way to obtain a functionality-rich web hosting package was to buy a dedicated server. As a consequence of recent software improvements, virtual web hosting servers have been introduced and they've swiftly become one of the most commonly used hosting platforms as they offer cutting-edge performance at a quite modest rate. Also famous as a VPS web server or a virtual dedicated server, this hosting server is an excellent platform for resource-consuming web portals.

Virtual Server Web Hosting - Is It Better Than Shared Web Hosting?

A few virtual servers are created on a physical server, utilizing its system resources. Each private virtual server works exactly like a dedicated web server and its system resources are guaranteed, incl. the central processing unit usage, RAM memory and web space quotas. These resources are much higher than those delivered by any shared hosting plan, so a VPS hosting plan is the most apt choice for resource-demanding script-driven portals with plenty of viewers, or if you want to host a large quantity of domains in one and the same account.

The Virtualization Interface of a VPS Hosting Server

Each private virtual web hosting server is managed via a CP user interface, often referenced as a virtualization interface. This dashboard permits you to reboot the entire VPS or various services like HTTP, MySQL, and so on, to monitor and manage all running tasks and to check the used up and the unused resources. As you will get root access, you can also activate server-side apps that may be necessary for particular script-driven platforms to operate, review exhaustive web traffic statistics and history of all the processes running on the VPS. One of the best attributes of the virtualization interface is that you can use it to quickly activate a web hosting Control Panel on the VPS web hosting server.

The Hosting CP of a Private Virtual Hosting Server

There are plenty of diverse web hosting Control Panels, but a couple of them are more famous than the rest - Hepsia, cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin. If you order a VPS web hosting server, you can use the hosting Control Panel that the hosting firm is providing, or you can install your own. This GUI will enable you to manage domain names, files, databases, File Transfer Protocol accounts, mail addresses and everything that has to do with your web hosting user account. Administering a VPS web server hosting account is not different from managing a shared site hosting account, so if you have any experience with the latter, there will be nothing unfamiliar to you if you obtain a private virtual hosting server. More seasoned users can access the VPS web hosting server via an SSH session too.

Make Profit With Your Virtual Hosting Server

One of the upsides of possessing a VPS web hosting server is that particular hosting CP GUIs include a reseller level of administration, so you can set up and sell hosting plans. You can even set up reseller accounts and have other persons do the entire task on your behalf, so while you have a Virtual Private Server for your web sites, you can also gain good profit by selling the system resources that you do not use. The reseller and hosting Control Panel user interfaces can be integrated with billing and support software tools such as WHMCS, AWBS or ClientExec, which permits you to set up different packages, to bill your clients directly and to provide a round-the-clock client support service. As you are offered root access to the VPS server, you will be able to activate any server-side software or libraries that your clients may demand for their websites, so you will have an edge over web hosting providers that deliver shared hosting services and cannot install such software.

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting Solutions by NTCHosting

A private virtual web server offers the ideal balance between performance and price and is the perfect option for medium-sized high resource-consuming web sites like e-stores, social networking web sites or company portfolios. At NTCHosting you can take a gaze at a couple of different VPS hosting plans that offer billing and support platforms, a domain reseller account, and a Control Panel interface of your choice. This gives you the privilege to use the virtual hosting server in any way you desire - for private web space hosting purposes or to launch a reseller web hosting business.

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