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Topflight Cost-Free Site Hosting

Owning a website is so important today, that you can't help but want to create one for yourself. Want to set up a personal web portal? Or a web site that you can gain some profit with? Still, you are not prepared to invest a single cent in it yet? Yes, there is a solution, and it is called free website hosting.

Why is the Charge-Free Web Site Hosting Service Free?

Free-of-charge web hosting services are supplied by providers, which understand that not all people can afford to spend cash on a web hosting account. These hosts, though, are not charitable institutions, so commercials are normally inserted at the top or at the bottom of your site so they can cover the expenses connected with the provision of the free-of-charge website hosting service. When you are creating merely a family-oriented web portal, or a web site with links and with even more ads on it than those placed by the free hosting accounts provider, you can't really complain.

Restrictions of the Free Website Hosting Solution

When you are using a free website hosting solution, there naturally are more limitations than if you were paying for the website hosting account. The web hosting server hard drive storage space and monthly bandwidth usage quotas, for instance, are typically extremely meager, and with some free hosting suppliers, you cannot have databases. Frequently there is no mail service included so as to hinder spammers from misusing the service.

What if the Charge-Free Hosting Service is Not Enough?

If you realize that you have outgrown your free-of-cost web hosting account, or you have grown sick and tired of seeing advertisements on your site, you can upgrade your charge-free website hosting account for a meager sum of money. You can exclude the advertisements only for an even more inconsiderable amount of money. One such web hosting services provider that gives you such possibilities is 100WebSpace, and they also supply budget-priced hosting packages to which you may upgrade in case you desire to extend your web portal and create a database, or have your own mail aliases managed by yourself. Additionally, their web hosting packages include supplementary gifts, such as: the Elefante free PHP-based script installation tool, which you can utilize to effortlessly activate open-source PHP-powered scripts like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and many more; an online website building tool; and a charge-free domain - with their professional Webmaster and Advanced web hosting plans. You can commence with a free web hosting plan, but can always upgrade, depending on what you might need.

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